I am a writer?

writer's notebookI was fighting the prompt tonight.  Just waffling.  But as promised the waffle turned into something worth thinking about, and maybe even worth sharing.

I taught for ten years.  But I taught adults, in evening school.  It didn’t feel like I was a real teaching.  Now I teach in a secondary classroom, and I feel like I finally made it, that now I am indeed a proper teacher.

In the same way, there’s all this talk that if you write, you’re a writer.  But are you really?  At what point do you recognise yourself as a writer?  If you’re spending all your spare time writing?  If you set aside time deliberately for writing?  If you’ve given up a job to write?  If you’ve been paid for writing?  If you’ve got a bestseller?  If you support yourself with your writing?

At what point do you feel you can legitimately claim the title?  At what point do others feel they can claim the title?

At the moment I feel I can say I write occasionally, but not regularly, but I definitely don’t feel I can describe myself as a writer.  In the same way as I might sketch or draw or paint, but I don’t describe myself as an artist.

It worries me that even when you reach the line, you might not recognise it – that even when the world recognises you as a writer you don’t yourself.  Or vice versa.

So, I write therefore I’m a writer?  Or I claim for myself the title of writer?

Or I really don’t get on with today’s prompt perhaps? 😉

(it was Inside the circle, by the way; which prompted the thought of the writers’ circle, and at what point you move inside it)

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  1. I have the thing of when does a writer become an author? in my own head I have decided that I am a writer while i write then I will be an author if i am ever lucky enough to be published but trying to explain it to non writers gets frustrating, someone said to me ‘so when i write my shopping list does that make me a writer?’ I just went home and banged my head against the wall rather than try to answer them

  2. It’s a difficult one 😦

    I can now say I’m a writer because I write, every day without fail. I read, so I’m a reader, I smoke so I’m a smoker, same difference lol 😉



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