Let there be light…

lightbulbSometimes it just takes a nudge for everything to fall into place.  I’ve been trying to write.  I haven’t had anything to write about – in fact I’ve been beating myself up over never having any ideas. Then a fellow blogger posts a prompt (thanks Vikki) and it sparks off all sorts of ideas.

That in turn leads me to remembering an enjoyable wander around Rochester Castle with Vikki (hey, will you claim this as your link to me when I’m famous or will I claim it as my link to you when you’re famous? 😉  ) where even the pigeons were sparking off stories in my head.

It seems that I need some sort of prompt in order to spark something into life.  Original stories – they’re tough.  But developing stories from something I see or hear? can’t stop it!  Is this part of the heritage of motherhood, where five minutes late leads to all sorts of imaginings about disasters perhaps?

So I’ll be trying the writing prompt way for a while, I think, and seeing what comes up.


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  1. Sally

     /  June 10, 2012

    I know exactly what you mean! I love the physical act of writing but as to ideas, sometimes my mind is a blank, as if there isn’t a brain in there at all! Ever tried freewriting around a single word? Or early morning writing when you first open your eyes? Works for me though I have to admit that I can’t read my own writing sometimes! Perhaps a coffee early morning would do the trick! Nice post.

    • Hi Sally, thanks for stopping by! I did morning pages for a couple of years, I think – just writing longhand over a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but all they were was a look forward to each day and any concerns or plans or thoughts I had for it. I’m thinking of starting again and this time trying to focus more on fiction, and that’s probably when I’ll use the prompts.

  2. Brilliant to hear you’re writing hon!!!!! As you know, I’m a HUGE advocate of prompts. I think most of us need something to spark those ideas 🙂


    • I’m holding you totally responsible for this, you know! I’m in great admiration for the way you’ve thrown yourself into this, and you’re totally putting me to shame 😉


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