Introducing Annie

Annie the ChimpI’d like you to meet someone who’s very special to me – her name is Annie, and she’s my inner chimp.  Sometimes we get on ok, but sometimes she can be a real pain in the backside.

Take now for instance.  Here I am trying to get organised, figure out how to get creative, and she starts up arguing.

Me: I guess I really need to make a decision as to what I’m going to do and get on with it.  Maybe it doesn’t matter which road we embark on. Maybe what matters is that we embark.  So as we’re already drawing regularly, thanks to Draw Something, how about deciding to go with art and forgetting about this idea of writing?

Annie: But I want to write!  [pouts]

Me: [sigh] Ok well we’ll go with the writing then.  But you need to get on with it, you understand.

Annie: But I might not be any good! What if I put all that effort into writing and I’m no good?

Me: Well don’t write then.  We’ll stick to the art.

Annie: But I want to write!

Me: But you just said…

Annie: I know, but I still want to try.  I know how good it feels when the words are flowing properly and the characters come alive and take control of the story.

Me: So what are you going to write?

Annie:  …. I don’t know.  

Me: We’ve had this for years and I’m sick of it.  Either put up or shut up.  You either get on with writing properly or give up the idea altogether.  There’s no point in keep saying you want to write and then not actually writing.

Annie: But what if I’m no good?  

Me:  You know you’ve written some good stuff.  You still get messages occasionally from people saying they’ve enjoyed your fanfiction or added it to their favourites.  If you care enough about your characters and the situations they’re in, you can write.  Anyway, does it even matter? You enjoy being in the flow, feeling the stories write themselves.  You can have that whether you expose your writing to others or not.

Annie: But I want other people to read my writing.  I want them to enjoy what I have to say.  I want to share my stories with them and have them share my world.  I feel good when I get positive comments about my writing.

Me: You’re not going to have that happen unless you actually get on and write though, are you?  And you know it will take a while to improve your skills, and the sooner you start and the more you do, the sooner you will start to see the quality improving.


Me: See, you have no argument to that.  So just give in please and give it a try.  No promises, no guarantees, no contract, but if you really want to get anywhere you need to try.

Annie:  I’ll try.  But what if…


You see my problem?  And even while writing this I had to sneak away to produce the picture of Annie.  Ah well, perhaps I’d better aim for some sort of illustrated writing then… Sigh.




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