I love fanfiction

I love fanfiction.  I love the way I can watch an episode of a TV show, and then go to somewhere like fanfiction.net to see other fans’ views of that episode – what happened behind the scenes, what happened afterwards. I love the way I can then leave comments on their stories saying what I liked and what didn’t quite work, and get a message back saying thank you, you’re right, I reviewed my story and that bit didn’t quite fit so I’ve cut it out.  I love reading essays about the dialogue between the creators of shows and the fans of that show, as they negotiate and argue about essential issues.  I love the way that even in the hiatus between seasons there is material to be found, to enjoy and pick apart and maybe build on.  I love that there’s such a thin line between writer and reader that sometimes they’re the same person, and that there’s real dialogue, to the extent that feedback from the reader can influence the writer and words from the writer can affect the reader deeply.  I love the way that private imagination can become public entertainment on such a personal level.  I even love it that some of the fanfiction is of poor quality, because it means that even young writers, or unpractised writers, or young unpractised writers, are pounding the keyboard in an attempt to share their writing.

I even confess to thinking that maybe it’s time I started writing properly again.


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  1. That’s what initially drew me to fanfiction, the way I could shape the characters the way I wanted them, and put them in situations that I wanted. But it’s been so long since I wrote any fanfics now, and while I miss it, I don’t know if I have enough energy to invest in it anymore.

  2. RubyTuesday

     /  June 2, 2012

    I love reading fanficion – I’ve found stories that have been better than the actual show’s storylines.

    Great blog by the way, looking forward to reading more!

  3. Hey. Thanks for following my blog. 🙂
    I also think fanfic is underappreciated. It’s a great way for people to practice writing and try out different voices. I think this quote says it well:
    Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don’t do it for money. That’s not what it’s about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They’re fans, but they’re not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language.

    —Lev Grossman


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