it’s all jamming up

I just made reference to the robot with a weakened 2nd law and strengthened 3rd law who ran around in circles all day.  Obscure reference, but it sometimes describes how I feel.  It refers to Asimov’s laws of robotics – law 1 is you must never harm a human or allow harm to come to one by your inaction.  Law 2 is you must always carry out instructions given to you by a human, except when it contradicts the 1st law.  The third law says you must protect yourself (robots are expensive) except when it would contradict the 1st or 2nd law.  This particular robot had been told to go and get something, but told in a casual way, which weakened the 2nd law.  It was also a very special robot, which meant it was very important that it was kept safe, which strengthened the 3rd law.  Now when he got to what he was supposed to get, it was in a dangerous area, so the strengthened 3rd law balanced the weaker 2nd law, so it neither got what it was supposed to or returned to base, but kept circling its target in an agony of indecision.

All that, and I haven’t read that story for years!

It’s an image that describes my brain rather well at the moment though.  There are many things I want to do, many things I want to learn, but not enough pressure to push me towards any one of them and away from the others, so I keep circling and dabbling, and not getting very far with anything at all.

So I’d like to write, but not enough to actually sit and do something.  I’d like to do more painting and drawing, but making a decision to do that is to decide I’m not going to write.  I’d like to practise my coding skills, but there are so many different languages out there that I haven’t got sufficient motivation to commit to any one and get on with it.

This is why I tend to react rather than being proactive – too concerned with shutting a door that I should keep open to actually go anywhere.  So I’ll sit and do nothing until something external pushes me in one direction or another. At which point I’ll become frustrated at the amount of time I’ve spent doing nothing.

Kick up the backside from someone please?


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  1. *kicking you* 😉

    I realised last year that I had to make a decision……to concentrate on one thing, and one thing only. I chose writing 😉 And yes, sometimes I regret that decision, and wish I’d stuck at my art, but, I know I can’t do both, and I know I’ve made the right choice 🙂

    I’ve also done a timetable, so I can see where exactly my spare time is…..that was very handy, and made me actually allocate time to write.

    I wish I had some fantastic words of wisdom hon, it’s hard, esp when you’re working and have a family.

    Good luck!



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