And we’re off… I think

merlin logoLast time I posted I was complaining about being stuck and not knowing what to do and which direction to head in.

Well the problem with writing is inspiration – the writing I usually do is based around characters I already know – it’s a genre known as fanfiction, taking characters that are already known through a TV series or similar and telling stories based around those characters.  For a few years now, I’ve lacked inspiration in that direction – I’ve watched very little TV for a start, and the characters I have seen have been boring and unexciting.

So what’s changed?  Well, I’ve started watching Merlin again, and I think I may have found a good source for ideas.  The story of Merlin and King Arthur et al is a fairly familiar one, but the TV show has put a new spin on it, and in doing so has made a bunch of interesting characters that would be really fun to play with.

There’s the fantasy angle – practically anything goes!  That’s appealing, for a start.  Historical accuracy is not something that needs to be worried about unduly.

But there’s also the tension between the characters.  Merlin gets frustrated by Arthur but at the same time would do anything for him.  Arthur is fonder of his servant than he will admit to anyone, but at the same time that relationship is based on deceit – what will happen when Arthur eventually finds out that Merlin has magic? Will it strengthen the relationship or destroy it?  In the meantime, Merlin is forced to pretend to his friend about who he is, and at the same time exist in a society where he would be loathed, feared and prosecuted if the truth were told.

There is so much material in that pair, not to mention the other characters around them, who are written and presented so well, that I finally feel the creative juices starting to rise.  Oh, and they’re also attractive to look at, which means painting and drawing has become more interesting and inspired too 😉

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  1. I LOVE Merlin! We’ve been watching every series since it started 🙂

    Yes, ummmm, the guy who plays Arthur is a bit, ummmm, good on the eye (did I say that in public? I’m old enough to be his mother!!!! Lol) which helps lol 😉

    I love the idea of writing about characters that have been created by another author (Wide Sagasso Sea springs to mind) and its something I’d like to attempt myself. I hadn’t thought about using a TV character.

    Good luck



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