So what?

I’ve spent a lot of time and money gathering things related to creativity.  What I haven’t done is actually spend a lot of time being creative.  It comes in fits and starts; sometimes I’ll be really active, and sometimes I’ll do nothing for months on end.

There was a point where I was doing a lot of writing, and publishing it on the web.  There were a few occasions when I did art courses.  Each time I enjoy what I do and vow to do more, but each time it fades away again.

So it’s time to decide what I actually want to achieve, and how.  Because there’s less and less time to prevaricate; every day spent avoiding making a decision and avoiding being creative is a day lost.

What do I want to achieve?  Well I have to admit that I’m unlikely to become a published author.  There are far too many around already, some of them less then brilliant but still publishing stuff.  I’m not sure there’s room for yet another.  Although I guess one more wouldn’t make much difference 🙂

I’m also unlikely to become a brilliant artist.  I can draw a little, and I can paint a little, but still it’s for my own enjoyment rather than for other people.

I’m also unlikely to create a best-selling computer game, which is the other activity that I toy with at times.  I enjoy the challenge of programming, the struggle to work out what is supposed to happen and why it’s going wrong, then the buzz when suddenly you figure it out and everything goes right.

I guess that’s the real secret for creativity – you have to do it on your own account, not for others.  Then maybe, if you put enough into it, and enjoy it enough, others may appreciate your work too.

But the main motivator has to be enjoyment for the sake of the activity, and not focusing on the end result. 

So what do I do about it?  I need to make sure I spend time being creative, using up all these materials I’ve been gathering, and not worry about whether what I make is good enough. I need to recognise what I do enjoy doing and let go of those things that I’ve got “just in case” but are less interested in, because they’re taking time and energy from the better things.  I need to allow myself to make bad things in the knowledge that if I can recognise them as bad I will eventually be able to improve and do better.  And I need to stop wasting time doing dead-end things.

I guess another way is to use my creativity in my work – rather than going for the bare essentials, to start thinking more creatively, putting a little more effort into the design and layout, and showing creativity in action.  Because it makes me sad to see kids whose idea of fun is to mindlessly chat and play games, rather than actively work at creating things.   And that could be my cue to actually go and do something more useful 😉

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  1. How about a New Years resolution……to not be so down on yourself 😉

    You could be a published author, if you put the time into it and practice…..You could be a brilliant artist if you spend all your spare time painting…..You could create a best selling computer game if you focus and work hard 🙂

    All those things are acheivable….. I’m not sure all 3 at the same time are though….when would you sleep? Lol 😉

    Seriously, I agree with you that you should do it for yourself, but this reminds me of 2 old sayings…..all your eggs in one basket and jack of all trades… know how they go 😉 I’ve had to make a decision with my ‘creativity’ as there just simply aren’t enough hours in the day, something had to go, and it did. I got fed up having so many unfinished projects. I guess it really depends on what you want out of life, what you want to achieve 🙂

    Do I regret the decision, hell yeah….sometimes….. but, I know that concentrating on one thing will mean that I will improve in that area…..and if at some stage i decide it’s not working, I’ll switch back to the other idea 🙂

    Good luck hon…..find your calling…..find out which activity makes your soul sing and then fly with it 🙂

  2. I gather you’ve gone for writing… trouble is I just don’t know which I want to focus on. I’ve managed to reject crafty stuff, so I’ve at least shut down some options 😉
    So how did you make the decision to focus on writing?


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