They just don’t get it – Charlie

targetThey just don’t get it.  They tell me I’ve got to work. They tell me that it’s important “for my future”.  Well you know what? It’s my future, not theirs.  How can they know what my future is?

The way I see it, my future is to follow my father into the war, just like he followed his father.  To kill those defilers, just like my father is doing, and just like my grandad died doing.

Why do I need to spell? To write? to count?  I need to be able to read the map enough to find the defilers.  I need to be able to load the gun. And I need to be able to shoot and shoot until every last one of the f***ers is dead.  You gonna teach me that?  No?  Well then you can go to hell.

My mother wants me to study. She doesn’t want me to join the army.  She wants me to “get a nice job”.  Only there’s no nice jobs out there, not for someone like me.  Not for someone whose every waking thought is hate for the enemy, whose only desire is to destroy them, whose only focus is on getting out of here so I can join the army and go take my revenge.



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