Day two and already struggling

nablopomo badgeThese characters are being stubborn.  They’re telling their story, and it’s not always the one I had expected.  It’s strange, but I’m writing things and then thinking “but why is it like that? That’s not what I thought they’d do.”  always a little unnerving, but very enjoyable – as long as they keep talking to me.

I’m trying one trick – if I get stuck on a storyline, maybe I’m telling it from the wrong point of view, so find someone else and switch to their view.  So far I’m on my third, I think!

Something I did realise is that one of my characters already sneaked onto this blog to make a post, so check back!  Others might pop in at times to tell you what’s been happening in their world.  If they do, I’ll add their names to the blog title.  It will be interesting to see how much of the story reveals itself that way.

Oh, and as if writing a novel in November isn’t enough, I seem to be heading for nablopomo as well.  In fact, I seem to be maintaining two blogs regularly at the moment, this one and the more private one on livejournal.  Just call me a compulsive writer – for now at least.  And as long as it’s not actually writing my novel…




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