Promising start

penCurrent word count stands at 1763 – just over the 1667 I need to maintain a steady pace and finish on the 30th.

And so far I’ve discovered two other characters that started with bit parts and are demanding a louder voice (which I should really have predicted, considering their personalities in the story!) and invented a religious war.

Not bad for one evening’s work I guess.

So writing on the ipad is possible, but very slow.  I might devote the early morning session to planning and brainstorming content rather than actually writing.  At least I have something to think about now on those mornings when I wake ridiculously early, brain racing, and can’t sleep for an hour or so.

I’ve said I won’t publish large chunks as it would reveal too much of myself – what I have discovered is that I’m sorting out my thoughts as I go through.  I’ve a feeling the different characters will all reflect different parts of me. Who the main character represents – well that remains to be discovered.

I can reveal that the first sentence in my story is “Alice knew even before the moment she saw the new RE teacher making the whole class listen to him in awed silence – yes, even Charlie – that it was going to be an interesting year.”

I like the name Alice.  Not only was it my mother’s real name, but it also conjures up images of rabbits and deep holes and other mysterious things.  I’m trying not to devote too much time to thinking up names, so I’m just using shorthand names for now – I can always do a search and replace later, if they decide to reveal their real names.

OK, mustn’t spend too much time waffling about waffling – that’s going too far.  Sleep well!


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